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We’re back in London for the latest episode of size? collections, paying a visit to Conor McLeod A.K.A @ratboiiiiii. The Scotsman owns a serious collection of retro football shirts, and admits to having the collector gene ever since he was a little kid, back when he was always watching the footy with his old man. Get stuck into the video below – the man has got some absolute gems – Garfield merchandise included…

‘‘The ‘90s shirts are unmatched,’’ Conor states, as we start to sift through his vibrantly historic hangars. Conor’s passion for football has seen him forge a few fond football allegiances from his childhood club Rangers, to Manchester United, and even over to the sunny likes of Roma.

Rangers Jerseys

Rangers Shirt

Showing his dedication to the beautiful game, Conor was recently in Italy watching an Inter Milan game where he wanted to get his hands on a limited-edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jersey, but they had completely sold out by the time he had gotten to the club store. ‘‘But there was a mannequin, sittin’ wearing it, and I was like what about that one?’‘ Long story short… he managed to grab the last one, and made a potent memory along the way. Quality.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Inter Milan Jersey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Inter Milan Jersey

Arsenal Shirt

Venezia Shirt

‘‘I’d say ASICS for me, purely because it’s the brand that you wouldn’t associate with football shirts,’’ says Conor after we ask him what brand he thinks makes the best football shirts, past or present. Fila made the list too, a brand that you don’t see a lot of in the football space anymore, sadly. Remember those dynamite West Ham Dr. Martens jerseys? Yeah, us too.

Retro Football Shirts

Retro Roma Shirt

The most sentimental shirts in his collection are the long-sleeve 2002 World Cup Italia Shirts which were sponsored by Kappa. ‘‘My dad has so shaped everything to do with football for me,’ Conor exclaims. ‘I love football, it’s the main thing me and him will talk about, he even ran my football team when I was younger. That’s my first memory of liking football, that summer, that jersey.’’

Retro Italia Shirts

Retro Totti Shirt

Garfield Toys

Easy there… before you go, check out more from size? collections over on our blog.

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