adidas Originals x TMNT Superstar ‘Shelltoe’

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In light of the 40th anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the team at adidas has conjured up something special – something ‘super’ special. This is the Superstar like you’ve never seen before, with its ‘Shelltoe’ namesake being a perfect fit for the collaboration. Packed with both hidden and blatant features, one thing is clear, adidas has definitely captured the essence of the ’80s franchise.

Let’s start with the uppers, which arrive in textured leather representative of our four turtle-skinned friends – with 3-Stripes reflective of the red TMNT, Raphael. Rubber shell-toes imitate the pattern of the Ninja’s half-shells, while custom ‘NINJA POWER’ labelling adorns the tongue. Inter-changeable lacing dubraes allow for a customisable aesthetic, and bespoke insoles with hidden manhole covers in the strobel board add another playful layered dimension to the Superstar.

Underfoot, a crinkled rubber sole racks up a couple of vintage credit points, and signing-off, branding redesigned to replicate the original Eastman and Laird logo signals comic-book heritage on the heel cap. Each pair is supplied with a re-print of the first-ever TMNT comic – a unique collector’s item.

The adidas Originals x TMNT Superstar ‘Shelltoe’ draw opens on 16.03.2024 and closes on 21.03.2024Click the banner below to sign up to size? access for better chances of winning draws. Good luck!

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