size? Paris is reopening

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The highly anticipated relaunch of size?paris is finally here. The all-new store is making a comeback on 24.11.23 and we’re excited to be back in our home in the capital, one of three locations in France.

Our aim was to create the store concept around an iconic landmark in Paris, to represent the beating heart of this vibrant city and its sneaker heritage. That’s why our new location draws inspiration from the famous building, Le Centre Pompidou, which also was the inspiration behind the eminent Air Max 1.

Home to Europe’s biggest collection of modern and contemporary art, Centre Pompidou is also an artistic architectural statement in itself. Constructed in the 1970s, the building was designed inside out, boasting industrial-style features like working pipes, vents, plumbing and electrical cables. In 1985, nearly a decade after the centre was complete, Tinker Hatfield caught wind of the provocative urban design and had to see it for himself.

Back in Portland, Hatfield couldn’t shake the mark of curiosity that the Pompidou had left on him. He began work on the Air Max 1, keeping in mind those utilitarian vents and pipes that should be concealed, yet flaunt themselves to passers-by. The Air Sole already existed, but always remained hidden within the midsole, now channelling the spirit he’d seen in Paris, Hatfield brought out the inner workings of Air technology for all to see. The design was at first rejected by decision-makers, however, new ideas and impeccable style always prevail. As we now all know.

Paris is known as the fashion capital of France, with it being the home of Haute Couture and the epicentre of unique French Style. You can’t mention Paris without mentioning its food, which is also deeply embedded into the DNA of the city. The size? community effortlessly intertwines with Parisian culture thanks to the apparent sneaker presence, the passion for street style, and the inherent arts scene.

To celebrate our grand return, we fully immersed ourselves in the heart of Paris by linking up with local talents. Whether it was riding through the city with street biker @le_19_, styling the latest Nike looks with @cashmeregyal and @huntergyal, learning all about accessory design with @lauraboutbout or shooting hoops with @poulet_boucane.

If you’re in and around the city, make sure to stop by and check out our new home in Paris.


16-18 Rue Berger,

75001 Paris,


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