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Dennis Mazur, aka SneakerDenn, has been expanding his collection for around four to five years. In that time he’s amassed an impressive amount of sneakers, with around three hundred making up his archival collection; the Air Force 1 portion of which he kindly donated to our Forty Years of Force event last year, which you can read about here. Amongst the vast selection, the most common sneakers you can find are Nike Dunks, Air Force 1s , Jordan 1s and Jordan 4s.

Although he dabbled in footwear, it wasn’t until his final year at university that an interest in the culture began to form. The Nike Dunk ‘Syracuse’ can be credited with being the one that started it all off, worn by Virgil Abloh and piquing Dennis’ interest in the silhouette. From there Dennis purchased his first Dunk; the Danny Supa SB. “That was my gateway sneaker to opening that whole Dunk world.”

Today the Nike Sky Force 3/4 is the oldest shoe in his collection, dating back to 1983, followed by Air Ships dating to 1984; the first shoe Michael Jordan wore in the NBA. Dennis is also in possession of deadstock Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ from ’85, acknowledging that it is “the ultimate kind of shoe to represent sneaker culture nowadays.”

Amongst the rarest shoes Dennis has taken ownership of, there’s a one-of-ten Nike Dunk designed by German graffiti artist Heiko Zahlmann, along with a one-in-forty Nike Dunk High Orchard Street ‘Brazil’. At one point he owned two pairs of the ‘Brazil’, one of which he found by scouring through Instagram comments, stating “it’s always fun to find stuff like that.”

The famed Nike Dunk ‘Menthol 10’ bootleg by Ari Forman in its cigarette box-like packaging also has a place in his collection – Dennis has actually met Ari in New York – with another novelty pick being a Reebok x Kanye West S. Carter ‘The College Dropout’ sample.

Very much a Nike lover, Dennis claims, “I guess I’ve been brainwashed by Nike but… aesthetically it just speaks to me much more”, acknowledging that the culture surrounding it is a huge draw. “I appreciate everything from basketball, hip-hop, street art… all of that incorporated through Dunks and Air Force 1s…”

More recently, Dennis has favoured the Air Force 1 over the Dunk, with some favourites being two iterations of the Nike x Mr. Cartoon Air Force 1 Low ‘Clown’ (one having the spider web on the toe box), along with the Nike x Mr. Cartoon Air Force 1 Low ‘Livestrong’. He admires the versatility and rarity too of silhouettes from the Nike iD programme, citing them as 1-of-1s that often haven’t been seen before.

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