A closer look at the AF League Kits

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Recently, we announced that we are sponsoring the AF League; a proud moment for us as we continue to support the ever-growing popularity of grassroots football for women, trans and non-binary people. The AF League represents a platform that is truly special, and we have been in awe at the inclusivity, community spirit and all-round positive vibes that the teams in the league share. We recently invited the teams of the AF League to a shoot to capture this atmosphere, and to showcase the amazing new kits that they have for this season.

Each kit has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the aura and story behind each team. Whether that’s simply the origin of the name, where they all met or the pitches that they first started playing on – each team has a different story, but a shared love of the sport. The shirts were designed by the amazing Foudys, a retailer that produces shirts for fans and players of women’s football. Foudys is about, “creating a space where real people talk about the differences between brands, size, cut, materials and more.”

Within the league, there’s an array of colourways to behold: Rain On Me’s pink and black stripes, Manchester Bee’s homage to their city; the technicolour spectacle of Newground United; and the AI-inspired patterns of Sleek FC – there is quite the selection. Add to this a range of stories behind each team and kit, for example, Rock the Crossbar was inspired by a famous song from The Clash (we’ll let you have a wild guess), with the badge replicated the Cashbar logo. Additionally, Where’s Walley is a play on the Whalley Range pitches in which they started playing, using playful magnifying glasses on the kits and wavy stripes to nod to the character.

Some designs have a whacky element, some nod to footballing heritage too; Lez Be United went for the old school retro look, using a ‘92/’93 Inter away kit for inspiration and combining that with vintage Wolves colours. The players had their part in every element of the design too, Chloe from Manchester Bees quoted, “I actually designed the logo, and I think size? have really brought the kit to life.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more content on our blog and socials. A special thanks to all the teams involved: There She Goals FCBarely AthleticRock The CrossbarWhere’s Whalley FCLez Club 7 FCLez Be United FCNewground United FCRain On Me FC50 Shades of GreenGoals Aloud FCSpice Goals FCManchester Bees.

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