Autumnal fits from Fred Perry

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Fred Perry – the brand with the Laurel Wreath and the paired stripes – continues to make an impact on subcultural styles today. After decades of inspiring cutting-edge styles and elevating sporting performance, Fred Perry still proudly produces its decade-defying products; sometimes with a twist, sometimes not – because you don’t have to change something that works, and these really work.

So, a brand that celebrates its heritage so much deserves a little bit of historic delve.

Originally designed with sporting function in mind, Tibby Wegner linked up with the Stockport-born tennis star Fred Perry in the ‘40s to create an anti-perspirant device for the wrist – otherwise known as the sweatband. Fast forward to ’52, the label really made its mark though with the introduction of the classic Fred Perry Polo Shirt.

Not just a sport-focussed piece, this utterly unique garment had an immediate cultural influence with its smart approachable build. Double-knit weave, these iconic polos boast an almost waffle-like pattern with a tidy collar and two buttons for a smarter look. It wasn’t long before these polos found their way into UK youth movements – most recognisably by mod culture, empowering Lambretta riders with a sharp and crisp style.

Other working-class subcultures adapted the Laurel Wreath too; think Skinheads, Jamaican Rude Boys, Madchester and pretty much every post-Britpop music scene in the UK since. Fred Perry is part of the uniform, and its generational importance is unchallenged.  

Anyhow, with those breezy, leaf-falling months well underway, it might just be the perfect time to stock up on Fred Perry as layering gets more and more vital. This is a label that is synonymous with our team, one that offers the perfect apparel and accessories to combine up with your footwear. Whether it’s authentic Fred Perry Polos, premium Jackets & Coats, no-hassle T-Shirts or toasty Sweatshirts – we have a look for you.

Build up your Fred Perry uniform here.

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