We met Stephanie Okoye – founder of Girls Like Us

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In line with the release of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Animal Instinct’, we caught up with basketball player, creative and activist Stephanie Okoye. Stephanie is the founder of Girls Like Us, a support group that offers workshops to young black women. The focus is to offer support on topics around power and privilege dynamics within society, helping them to navigate through challenging stages in their life. 

Creative Director, Producer & Stylist: @coco_mell
Assistant: @pedrinedu
HMUA: @minnie_mua
Location: @biglimbostudio

Hailing from Stratford in East London, Stephanie grew up in an area with a rich cultural diversity – “my friends were from all different countries, races, cultures”

When her family moved out to Barking and Dagenham, it was a big culture shock for Stephanie. This is where the idea for Girls Like Us came from, based on her own experiences during school:

“There weren’t many people of colour, so there was still a bit of resistance with communities like mine moving into the area and I just thought of supporting younger girls who came from similar backgrounds” 

You can follow Girls Like Us on Instagram. While you are here, check out the Air Jordan 11 ‘Animal Instinct’ blog

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