We caught up with @suckernailz for our Vans Creators Series

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Next up in our size? Creator series, we’re proud to introduce Jen Turner and her original take on the Vans Needlework collection. Jen is a hand-painted nail artist (@suckernailz) who takes inspiration from her passions and surroundings to form her work.

A big fan of 3D features, Jen used the Authentic Anaheim 44 DX ‘Needlework’ as inspiration for her unique design. Taking the print for what it is, Jen envisioned a chessboard and began to build her custom design accordingly. Putting a signature Suckernailz slant on things, Jen distorted the checkerboard base and ordered a game of miniature magnetic chess set to bring the nails to life.

She then attached tiny magnets to each nail, allowing the wearer to move the pieces as they see fit. This interactive element offers a real insight into Jen’s playful and experimental brand – quite frankly, we love it.

Shop the Vans ‘Needlework’ collection now. Check out more of the Vans Creators series on the size? blog.

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