We caught up with On Running and Jack Passey to chat about all things running

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Whether it’s been a lifelong hobby or something that you picked it up in lockdown – running is an activity that can cleanse the mind after a tough day or week. It doesn’t matter if you are doing couch to 5K or training for a marathon, this endorphin-releasing activity is jam-packed with benefits, both mentally and physically. To gain an insight into this popular hobby, we linked up with On Running and our in-store staff member Jack Passey.

Hailing from the Swiss Alps, On Running is a brand that has revolutionised running trainers, with a focus on a soft landing with energy-packed takeoffs. As well as performance innovation, supreme comfort is added to the mix, while unique stylings make these lauded trainers instantly recognisable when beating your personal best.

Jack Passey is an avid runner, and while he is competitive with it, it is also hugely beneficial to his mental health. Any problems that he has are left at home, and it becomes all about that run, that moment:

“All I think is the distance getting done and the time I’m doing it in my head. And I literally do forget about whatever the problem is I’ve left at home when I put them running shoes on…I find running is definitely a stress reliever, and after a long day at work – even when I’m tired and feel like I won’t run very well – but I go out for a run after work and it seems to be when I run the best.”

Jack isn’t showing any signs of stopping any time soon either, “My goals for the coming year are just as many long-distance runs all over Europe. Even entering the London marathon would be great for me.”

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