Meet our next Air Huarache creative Israel Kujore

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To coincide with the release of our size? Exclusive Nike Air Huarache, we worked with two original artists who are breaking new ground in their creative fields. We provided them with our ACG model, and asked them to interpret the ‘Terra’ colourway into their own work. Quite frankly – we love the results.

Following Constance Read’s silkscreen triumph, we’re thrilled to present our next creative. Meet Israel Kujore (@israelvisual) an animator and visual artist based in London. Self-described as a ‘nostalgic nerd’, Israel’s style and character-centred craft focuses on his love of anime, manga, games, music and cartoons. Diagnosed with ADHD, Israel is unapologetic in the eclectic nature of his work. Constantly finding new sources of inspiration, his process moves from digital methods to traditional sketchbooks, creating drawings, 3D figures, and animations. The only constants are in trying to stay within the same colour palettes, and ensuring the work is always personal to him.

Much like Israel, the Protagonist series is about emboldening people who are original, provocative, and unapologetic in themselves. Born out of a rebellious spirit, the Huarache comes from a defiant conviction that the normal way of doing things is not always the right way. In the same way that Israel’s authentic approach to his work inspires exciting results, the Huarache’s uncompromising mindset confronts the ordinary. It’s a silhouette we’re proud to put our name against.

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