We caught up with Yandass Ndlovu for the upcoming release of the Air Jordan 4 ‘Shimmer’

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The Air Jordan 4 ‘Shimmer’ arrives this week, and we saw a great opportunity to use this streetwear icon to reach out to Manchester’s rich dance community. We caught up with Yandass Ndlovu – the founder of IMPact – for a chat about her dance journey.

IMPact is a collective of dance artists from Manchester who aims to promote and support each other and the wider dance community across the area and the UK. They do this by platforming and championing dance. The Air Jordan lineage is important to dance culture; once just a basketball shoe, it is now recognised as both a stylish and comfortable trainer used across a variety of platforms.

Yandass spoke to us about how dance empowers her, “Being a female that’s quite physical and quite strong, being able to use my strength and have no limits on who I am.”

It all started after being kicked out of Oldham Sixth Form and consequently moving out of her mum’s due to issues. Dance offered a positive platform to put energy in, offering a new passion in her life, “I feel like I’ve put a lot of effort and a lot of work into myself, into my art and my craft. That makes me very excited for the future.”

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The Air Jordan 4 ‘Shimmer’ is live on our launches app now. It arrives in women’s sizes and is priced at £170.

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