We joined Dr. Martens to meet two of Liverpool’s rising artists

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In collaboration with Dr. Martens, we headed to Liverpool to catch up with two up and coming artists in the city. We met with Pixey and Dayzy, two musicians that are on the rise, both bringing something different to the city’s music scene. 

Liverpool’s rich musical tapestry is globally renowned; think The Beatles, the pivotal punk scene at Eric’s and – of course – the acid house haven, Cream. Defining music scenes have a long-lasting effect on cities, and this creative abundance still runs through the veins of Liverpudlians.

We ventured to the city with Dr. Martens, a brand that has deep roots in subcultural fashion. Known for their empowering silhouettes that boast hardwearing materials and standalone styles; Dr. Martens has shaped the looks of punks, Jamaican rude boys, OG skinheads, goth, grunge and more. We chose the 1461 silhouette to style on the two musicians, this is an OG Dr. Martens shoe that defines the brand’s outlandish styling. Hardwearing leather, a robust air-cushioned sole unit, yellow stitching and a classic 3-eye lacing system – it’s a timeless masterpiece. 

We shot the two artists in two iconic locations that are a source of creativity – Sefton Park and the Royal Albert Dock. Dayzy realised music was his passion when he turned 18; his spoken word rap is making a statement that the North can do it as well. We spoke to him about his influences, songwriting process and how he managed his artistry throughout the pandemic. 

Pixey also introduced us to her songwriting process, telling us about the importance of the City’s diverse scenery. The docks and Sefton Park are the perfect places to listen to instrumentals and develop songs for the artist. Signed during the pandemic, Pixey has found ways to develop her sound during uncertain times, often citing the city in lyrics. 

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