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We’ve got a really special collection this week; in line with the release of our Nike Omega Flame exclusive, we caught up with JoJo Elgarice from @ragparadesheffield to check out an incredible range of vintage Nike silhouettes.

JoJo knows a thing or two about vintage clothing and OG Nike silhouettes, his store is one of Sheffield’s gems, supplying authentic military, workwear, sportswear and contemporary classics. While Jo Jo could have included an array of interesting apparel, we asked him to show off a super rare Nike footwear collection.

Oh yeah, an authentic OG Nike Omega Flame might feature too, have a scroll and see for yourself…

Nike ‘Oregon Waffle’ in OG Box (1974)

“Bought from the original owner who bought as old stock in the late ’70s from a sports shop. One of the most iconic Nike shoes being one of the first waffle shoes being sold to the public.”

Nike ‘Sierra Rainbow’ Runners

“This for me was one of the hardest Nike runners to find, a really rare mythical shoe made with a reflective rainbow swoosh. I believe this colourway was only available in the girl’s range, so tracking down a pair that fitted was also a challenge of its own! Came from a serious collector via the shop a fair few years back.”

Nike ‘LDV’ Runners Deadstock (1979)

“I have a pair that I wear that are pretty smashed in so thought I’d share a more crisp pair. Ever since seeing the old Nike Ad of Ridgeway & Roskelley climbing up K2 wearing this shoe, it was an instant love affair. The LDV stands for ‘Long Distance Vector’ and I imagine it was super futuristic-looking when it first came out!”

Nike ‘Omega Flame’ aka ’Nike Omega Multi Y/R/Y (Yellow/Red/Yellow)’ (OG 1985)

“Following the Spike version that came out in 1984 the running shoe that came out the following year in 1985 has become one of the most coveted pairs on the collector’s scene over the years. The colours and shape really speak for them themselves; I think every time I’ve worn these someone asks about them. One of the best ever.”

Nike ‘Waffle Trainer’ (Late ’70s)

“This pair came from a friend who facetimed me whilst on a buying trip in Paris, he purchased an amazing haul of OG shoes from a Nike Designer who collected rare vintage examples for design reverence. I have a few variations of this model but thought this was a nice clean pair to show rather than my beaters haha.”

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