size? collections – Ian Long – size? Southampton Sales Assistant

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For this week’s size? collections, we head to Southampton to showcase a really special selection of silhouettes. Ian Long – a sales assistant at size? Southampton – told us all about his favourite shoes that he owns – check them out below.

He introduced his collection here…

“Like many of my colleagues I have an affinity for collecting; my main collection’s focus primarily consists of limited release sneakers, so it is quite apt that I am employed within a company that sells exactly that.”

“For this brief, I decided to focus on six of my favourite collaboration-based sneakers. Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to be able to acquire all these pairs for retail which has allowed me to diversify my collection over a range of different sneaker brands and styles. My goal was to put this across to the viewer through the imagery that I have taken.”

Nike x Parra SB Dunk [2019]

“For many, Dunks had flown very much under the radar of popularity until the early stages of 2020. Fortunately, that made it considerably easier for me to get my hands on a pair of these at release. As my first dunk, these are what started my love for this low top silhouette, and I plan on eventually wearing these into the ground.”

Reebok x Story MFG Beatnik [2021]

“Currently my choice for sneaker silhouette of the year. The revival of this 90’s “new wave sandal” is all about comfortability mixed with practicality, which after a year of being stuck indoors is quite frankly something we all need.”

adidas Originals x TFL Temper Run ‘Oyster Card’ [2018]

“Winning this 1/500 pair of sneakers whilst studying in London was an absolute blessing. All pairs in the TFL collection came with a plethora of accessories, the most valuable being a topped up to £80 Oyster Card. So when you’re paying £80 for the shoes and it comes with £80 travel credit.. well it was quite the student discount.”

Nike x Sacai LDWaffle [2019]

“Hands down my favourite pair of sneakers that I own. The colours, materials and shape of this shoe are all perfect in my eyes. It is the one pair that I wish I bit the financial bullet on to double up.”

PUMA x Ader Error RS 9.8 [2019]

“An extremely underrated collaboration and one of the best of 2019. The quality on these is A1 and I hope this partnership produces more collections in the future.”

Nike x CLOT Air Max 1 ‘KOD’ [2021]

“A very ‘out-there pair of Air Max 1’s – but when I was offered the opportunity to purchase at retail – I couldn’t say no. The earthy tones are very much on-trend at the moment and the orange of the midsole colour matches perfectly to my size? lanyard. I’m looking forward to seeing what other classic retros Nike has in store for us all.”

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