size? collections – Ellie Rockett – Content Producer at size?

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For this week’s size? collections, we continue to celebrate women in the industry. This time around we caught up with our content producer – Ellie Rockett – to showcase her impressive footwear collection.

Take a look at Ellie’s expansive range of silhouettes and have a read about what each shoe means to her.

Air Jordan 1 Milan

“Can’t go wrong with any Air Jordan 1s in my opinion. The Milan colours are super cute, and this is my go-to summer/holiday trainer. I like to keep them nice and fresh.”

Air Max 95 2020

“A must-have feature! I usually wear all black with a statement shoe and I couldn’t ask for more from this colourway, featuring multiple colours from different shoes from over the years. All Air Max 95s look so much better in small sizes too.”

Reebok x Palace Club Workout

“I have worn these to death, but hands down, they are one of the comfiest shoes I own. I like all Club Cs but when this collaboration came out I was buzzing to click on the website and they had women’s sizes!”

adidas Originals Ultraboost Mid

“Boost is a guilty pleasure of mine; I love them and I’m definitely a sucker for a collaboration. These were actually a gift by default as they sold out in all the men’s sizes and UK4 was still available for around 5 minutes after the launch. The 3M on these is awesome.”

Air Max 90 ‘Camowabb

“Air Max 90s are my everyday trainers; all the colourways are amazing, especially the blue OG ones but these seem to match everything on-trend at the moment.”

Air Max 97 Skepta

“Iridescent! What more can you ask for – still the best out of all the Skepta collaborations in my opinion. I love all the 97 silhouettes as well so I may be biased but excited to see what’s coming from Skepta and Nike in the future.”

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