size? collections – Giulia Zed – co-founder of sneakersisterhood

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On this size? collections instalment, we're continuing to champion women within the industry and catching up with the co-founder of @sneakersisterhood Giulia Zed.

As well as being a big footwear fan, Giulia is also recognised as one of the 30 under 30 Leaders in Sport – no mean feat. Take a look at a sample of her sneaker collection below and have a read of what being a woman means to Giulia.

"This is some of my Jordan collection - the shoes that I wear most and the ones I am most attached to."

"This is the piece that I value most in my collection, what for me started sneaker culture and still the most relevant shoe in modern culture."

"I love having different iterations of the same shoe. These Mars Blackmon 4s have now cracked and I am unable to use them, but it's amazing to have some retros come back like the Fire Reds." 

"I have played basketball from a young age so I also collect a wide variety of performance shoes."

"Streetwear makes up a large part of my closet and I love pairing items with the kicks I collect." 

What does being a woman mean to you?

"Being a woman means being unapologetically me. Women get judged every day for how they dress, how they act or react, and how they present themselves. I want to stand up for the values I hold and for who I am, and make sure that other women are also able to live their lives like they choose to." 

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