Take a trip around the globe with our second adidas Originals Alternative Marathon series

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adidas has a history of silhouette stories coined after famous marathon destinations around the world. In 2019, we decided to take this notion one step further and created an 'Alternative Marathon Series' – a collection that found its inspiration from those worldwide marathons you may not be too familiar with – and for 2020, we're continuing this concept with a second instalment, this time taking you on a trip to Columbia, Guatemala and Nepal.

Fittingly christened 'The Valley', 'The Volcano' and 'The Mountain', our latest collection of adidas Originals runners takes three icons from the archive – the Boston Super, TRX and ZX 420 – and instils them with influences from three of the world's most obscure and breathtaking marathon trails. This time around, however, our trio lands with more traditional colour-blocking and materials than 2019's Alternative Marathon Series.

So, let's breakdown each instalment shall we?

First up, it's a silhouette that first landed in 1984 and was built specifically for marathon running, the Boston Super. For this valley influenced model, we're taking you on a journey to Medellin, Colombia, for a marathon that weaves its way through the Aburrá Valley region.

Next up, it's the adidas Originals TRX 'The Volcano'; this pair nods to Guatemala's 'Impact Marathon Series' which sees contestants run through winding farmland and otherworldly lave-field terrain to reach the lively crater at the summit of country's highly-active Pacaya volcano.

Set in a valley surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Himalayan mountains, Nepal's capital Kathmandu is our final marathon destination and sees runners take in the sites of Patan's Dubar Square and Swayambhunath's 'Monkey Temple'. It's a route unlike any we're used to, and that's why it serves as the inspiration for our ZX 420.

Our adidas Originals Alternative Marathon Part 2 pack will be available via the size? launches app soon, and available in size? stores from Thursday 17th December. They're available in both men's and women's sizes and priced between £75 - £85.

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