size? series: A celebration of size? Newcastle by Northumbria University

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To celebrate the opening of our all-new Newcastle store, we’ve reached out to the talented students at the city’s Northumbria University for another instalment to our size? series art project.

Introduced in 2017, the size? series reached out to a whole host of creatives who re-interpreted our famed ‘?’ insignia in their individual artistic style. It allowed the creatives to showcase how their minds tick, by having a simple brief to work off.

For this next chapter in the series, we’ve asked Northumbria’s students to reimagine our question mark logo in a Newcastle-inspired design. The efforts we’ve received have been fantastic.

Take a look at a selection of them below, and keep your eyes on our social channels for more in this series to celebrate size? Newcastle.

Aimee Willis

Faye Greenman

Rachel Taylor

Sophie Clayton

Zara Butler

Ellie Heaney

Georgia Addison

Georgia Addison

Keep an eye on our social channels for more information on size? Newcastle’s opening. Follow @size_ne1_newcastle for more details.

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