Get to know our size? Liverpool staff

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Liverpool is a city with spirit; from traditional landmarks such as the Albert Dock and Liverpool Cathedral to forward-thinking structures like the Liverpool Museum and Mann Island, the Merseyside city continually finds a way to reinvent itself.

New restaurants, bars and shops are constantly popping up throughout the city, but since 2006, there’s one thing that’s always remained firmly in place: size? Liverpool. Situated on Bold Street, we’re comfortably sat amongst a selection of great food locations, vintage clothing stores, and independent coffee houses.

We headed over to the store to speak to some of our staff to find out a little more about their streetwear preferences and what they’re into at the moment.

Pat Hamer

Abbie Jones

Joel Halstead

Lauren Marteau

Max Rutter

Ollie Sampson

Owen Marrs

In other news, we also took a trip over to the Jason Markk staff at Carnaby Street, get to know them a little better here…

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