size? Experts Selects: Jordan Carroll – size? Manchester

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Our size? Experts pride themselves on their product knowledge and styling, so to put them to the test we’ve asked a few of them to put together an outfit and talk through it.

We’ve already seen what size? Meadowhall’s Holly Trezise selected, and next on the bill we’re heading over to Manchester to take a look at what Jordan Carroll has picked out…

Why do you think this outfit works well together?

“I think this outfit works well together because of the same colour co-ordination in the clothing, I love matching sets at the moment and the pastel tones are perfect for summer. The Jordan OGs break it up a little bit and the silhouette looks super cute with a pair of shorts.”

What specifically do you like about each product?

“What I love about these is how I can mix them up with other products to create different looks and that they’re lightweight for summer. With the Nike t-shirt and shorts, I love the embroidered swoosh detailing. The AJ OGs I think is a really nice silhouette trainer for girls and one you don’t see a lot of at the minute.”

When would you wear this?

“This outfit is casual and comfy but still practical with the pockets on the shorts. I’d definitely wear this on a nice sunny day out in town or on holiday.”

How would you describe your style?

“I’d probably have to describe my style as casual and comfy. I wear a lot of sportswear, mainly a lot of Nike and mix it up with different products and try to keep it practical.”

Is there currently an item that isn’t in stock at your store that would add something to the outfit?

Carhartt WIP women’s Sports Script Crop Tops – In the white or black. I like to wear items like this with shorts or baggy bottoms especially when it’s super sunny outside.”

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