size? captures: Creators Series – Handpainting Air Jordan 1s with FROMVIRGINIABEN

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For this instalment to our Creators Series, we focus on FROMVIRGINIABEN who puts a creative twist on the iconic Air Jordan 1.

If you’re unfamiliar with FROMVIRGINIABEN, the 27-year-old Manchester-based artist has been painting professionally for the past 10 years now. Initially, his artwork started with footwear but over time he’s branched out to anything from murals in houses to cars.

You might recognise some of his work from pop-ups in major department stores in the UK, along with his projects with brands such as Mercedes Benz and Nike. Over the years he’s developed a unique style that is instantly recognisable!

So, let’s get into this Jordan custom, shall we?

When customising FROMVIRGINIABEN sticks to the same process each time which makes his work unique.

First, he preps the shoe by wiping off the factory coating and taping up the surrounding area.

Ben never plans anything and always freestyles. He always chooses to mix colours rather than using the colour straight out of the bottle for a peronalised finish.

He applies 3/4 coats of all colours.

Then he adds in the finer details and paints over with a clear coating twice, which seals the pattern and makes sure it doesn’t rub off.

And that’s that!

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