size? Captures: Creators Series – making a multi-functional utility vest with Pickle Me

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Founded by University of Leeds Fashion Design graduate Caitlin Finan, Pickle Me is a brand focused on reworking vintage and pre-loved garments into unique, fashionable bags.

Pickle Me is passionate about being as eco-friendly as possible, and for this Creators Series project, the brand wanted to explore the many ways in which fashion can be sustainable and decided to create an adaptable unisex garment that can be worn in several ways.

So with sustainability and practicality in mind, Pickle Me started by deconstructing the iconic Carhartt WIP Bib Overall to create an incredible, multi-functional utility vest.

Take a look at the process on the Instagram video below and check out the final result!…

To start off, Pickle Me mocked up a few quick designs of the gilet and bags, taking into consideration what original elements of the overalls they wanted to maintain. 

They worked out what other components were needed to create the design – zips, D-rings, padding etc. – and planned how the pieces should be cut out of the overalls to ensure they got the best utilisation of fabric.

They placed a zipper across the bottom of the gilet, a D-ring at the shoulder and two buttons near the hem to attach to custom made bags.

The bags were made from the additional padded fabric – check out the Instagram video for a closer look.

The Final Results

The versatility of Pickle Me’s design allows the garment to be worn in a variety of ways. Take a look at the combinations below!

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