We talk streetwear with our Manchester size? Expert

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After a short break, size? Experts has finally returned. The platform allows you to seamlessly connect with one of our in-store Expert staff at the click of an icon to find out the finer details on products, such as stock availability, sizing guidance and styling advice whilst you shop online.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be catching up with our Experts across the UK and Europe to bring you an insight into their cities, streetwear influences and their vast knowledge of all things streetwear. They’ll also be explaining what it means to them to be a size? Expert, whilst delving into the benefits of using the all-new platform.

First up we're over in Manchester, where we caught up with our size? Expert Nathan Flynn, who shone a light on his beloved hometown, his streetwear preferences and the pros of using size? Experts.

Nathan, could you tell us where you’re originally from how long you’ve been with size? all together?

"So I’m from Manchester, and I’ve been at size? for just over 2 years now."

What kind of products and style would you say Manchester’s big into at the moment?

"A lot of Air Max, everyone’s always into them, it’s definitely a Nike town! There’s a bit of everything really; you’ve got your Air Max, then your more high-end stuff as well. There’s a lot of different styles that people adopt throughout the city. adidas as well, it’s definitely one of the bigger cities that loves that product,

"It’s so different throughout Manchester, you’ve got gym lads that will only wear their Nike gear, streetwear people like myself, which could be anywhere from wearing cargos to a pair of Carhartt pants. I don’t think there’s one style you could just associate with Manchester at the minute, I think there are so many different styles for so many different people, it’s hard to narrow it down."

How would you describe your own personal style?

"I love a good tracksuit! It’s comfy stuff like tracksuits, you’re never going to get anywhere wearing a tight pair of jeans, are you? If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing you don’t feel good."

Do you find you’ve got quite a consistent style or do you like to change it up?

"This year, I think I’ve kind of switched it up, trainers will always stay the same. No matter what it’ll always be a pair of Air Max on my feet. If you’d have met me when I was 18, I was wearing skinny jeans and chinos! Now my pants have just got baggier and baggier to the point where now I have to ask people if it’s too much. Ha!"

Are you more into your older trainers then or newer styles?

"Yeah, I do prefer the '90s look, but not too much because it can start to get a bit cringy, I don’t just want to look like I've been stuck in the Hacienda all weekend. I can't just go to a vintage spot and buy a load of old stuff, I’d rather something that’s retroed and references an older style if that makes sense?"

Tell us about a few of your all-time favourite shoes.

"My number 1 has got to be the Stash x Nike Air Classic BW, I normally hate shoes with a black sole but they’re just unreal. Next is the Mita x Nike Air Max 95 Prototype, where its’s got the OG neon but with a switched out black tongue. It’s only a small change but it’s the sickest looking shoe. Then I’d probably say the OG Nike Air Max 180, every time I look at it it just looks perfect."

Is there anything you’d like to see brought back that hasn’t been retroed yet?

"Air Max 96 with the proper sole. The style of them is such a mad shoe it’s a definite Marmite one, you either love it or you hate it, and I absolutely love it! Reshaped Air Max 95s would be good as well."

What shoes can we find in your current rotation?

"Just before lockdown, I bought the new Recraft version of the Air Max 90s and I couldn’t take them off my feet. They’re absolute dirt magnets with that suede though! Those, the OG colourways of the Tailwind, and always a pair of 95s."

What sort of things do you get up to outside of work?

"This is where I end up confessing that I’m a bum all day and play Xbox. I like to be on my own a lot, but if I'm doing anything, I like to be doing it with my mates. I like playing football with the guys at work and just chilling with people. I like conspiracy theories; I could convince you that fish are aliens if you watch Blue Planet 2!"

What products that we’ve got in stock at size? currently, do you think people should be taking notice of?

"Definitely the New Balance 860s, New Balance are made for comfort. Reebok is also very underrated I think. You cant get a better shoe for around £60 that you can beat up and they’ll still look brilliant. Even I’m slacking on them at the minute actually, I’m waiting for the new size? Exclusives to come out."

Any particular brands or types of footwear that you’d consider yourself more of an expert in?

"Nike 100%; it’s just something I’ve lived and breathed since day one. I remember buying a pair of Total 90 Air Max and being in love with them, you know like the boots Rooney used to wear when I was a kid! It’s just a lot of knowledge I’ve picked up over the years just reading about them, I’ve not consciously set out to try and find loads out."

Having been one of our size? Experts from the start do you think people have found the service helpful?

"Yeah definitely, if you need help, there’s instantly someone there to ask. It’s a great instant contact to have with someone who you wouldn’t really be able to speak with unless you were physically there. No matter who you get through to, they might not be the closest person to you, but they’ll be the closest person to that product that you need to find out more about."

What does being a size? Expert mean to you?

"It’s nice to be recognised by your manager or employer and they want you to be the person that people come to, to ask for advice on something in particular because you’ve got the knowledge and authority to be able to help someone out."

Is there anything you’re planning to learn more about to be able to help customers that bit extra?

"With us having a big adidas presence in the city, I’d like to be able to know a bit more about that. I think products that I’m not really into personally will help; when you’re serving that many different types of people every day you do need that kind of knowledge. It's hard to only be a specialist in one thing because obviously, that’s not the only thing we’ll sell."

What are some of the more commonly asked questions you tend to get through the size? Experts App?

"A lot to do with sizing, which I can understand because when I’m looking for clothes the fit can vary quite a lot as well. I think it’s good to have someone there to go 'Actually, this Nike piece fits a bit bigger than Carhartt so I’d size down a bit'. Also, people sometimes ask what shoes actually look like in person – shoes can be a Catfish."

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