size? collections – David Vujanicc – Creative, Football Enthusiast, Vagabond

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This time on size? collections, we're chatting to creative, football enthusiast and self-proclaimed vagabond David Vujanic. The Croatian-born YouTube star currently lives in London and is a big fan of current Premier League champions Liverpool FC.

Take a look at his footwear and football-inspired collections below...

Football shirts

"Football shirts became an obsession for me since I fell in love with the beautiful game during the 1998 World Cup. Each shirt carries a story: some are nostalgic to my background; some are from trips abroad; some were gifts from video shoots; some are from iconic moments in the game itself,

"Slowly it can become an addiction, especially when acquiring old retro shirts that aren't as readily available. I've got over 200 at the moment, and whenever I say I'll stop buying, another one somehow makes its way into my collection. And to that, I blame e-Bay and irresistible bargains that cross my path."

Nike Air YEEZY collection

"Growing up, I was a big fan of Kanye West. I only managed to complete the first YEEZY collection over the last year after sourcing second-hand pairs from across the world. The 'Wolf Grey' YEEZY 2s are my prized possession and hold a huge emotional connection for me, 

"I met my friend Rouell in an overnight queue for the shoe nearly a decade ago, we instantly clicked and became good friends, he passed away last year and I wrote his name out on the shoe in his memory. He was loved by many and is dearly missed, but it shows that that the 'sneaker community' is more than just shoes, it's a place where you can meet some of the greatest people this world has to offer. The shoe will always remind me of Rouell and the light he brought to this world."

Football boots

"As a football fan, sometimes the talking doesn't translate into the playing, but I've always loved playing the game and probably would have gone pro if it wasn't for my bad knee. Jokes aside, I play once or twice a week and naturally own quite a few pairs of boots.....gotta stay fresh when I sky it over the bar from 3 yards out innit, 

"The PUMA ‘Rise Pack’ boots were intended to be the EURO 2020 boot. The chrome outsoles and studs are a nod to the EURO cup trophy, and personally, I like the split colourways."

Casual footwear 

"I own, and have owned, many pairs of trainers and pieces of footwear in my life; it's all about classic shapes, styles and comfort for me. I like to wear my trainers a lot, so classic vibes that you can repeat with various outfits and in many different circumstances work best, 

"AF1s and Wallabees are my current go-to's. From football games to running for the bus on the high road, they provide what's needed. I also really love the new PUMA Oslo-City OG trainers. They first debuted during the 1952 Winter Olympics in Norway and still carry that classic, clean style in the re-launch of the silhouette today."


"Reading is mad important, and even though I struggle to read consistently, over the years I've collected various books that have helped me navigate life. I tend to lean towards self-help, eastern philosophy and spiritual leaning texts,

"Internal processing and mental wellbeing are in times of struggle a good book can help alleviate the stresses of existence. Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama & Jiddu Krishnamurti are three figures that I'd recommend to anyone looking to discover more inner peace."


"With the weather in London being the unpredictable beast it is, I've also naturally amassed quite a few jackets over the years. I started collecting Starter baseball jackets as a teenager and have around 8 at the moment,

"I love the way they fit and feel, however they sometimes aren't enough for the temperamental UK weather. For this reason, I've got a wide array of jackets: thin, thick, long, short, sporty, puffy – almost all get worn at least once during the year!"

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