Our exclusive adidas Originals Superstar ‘City Series Tribute’ is coming soon

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2020 earmarks two, in our opinion, momentous anniversaries: 20 years of size, and a whopping 50 years since adidas Originals introduced us to the Superstar. So, to honour the iconic milestones, we’ve teamed up with adidas Originals for a celebratory silhouette that nods back to a rather special project that took place in 2005.

adidas Originals Superstar 'Tribute' - size? exclusive

Remaining an industry staple for half a century is by no means an easy feat. From its origins on the basketball courts to its current status as a streetwear mainstay, the Superstar continually finds itself on our feet generation after generation. Mind, 50 years is a long time to be around for; throughout this time, it’s seen countless collaborations, colour-ups and retellings.

So for our latest effort, we’re travelling back 15 years and saluting to what might just be one of the most ambitious adidas projects to date, the Superstar35 campaign.

To celebrate 35 years since the Superstar first appeared on the basketball courts, adidas released 35 exclusive collaborations – birthing with it what many give credit to as the very first ‘hype’ footwear series.

With efforts from the likes of Footpatrol, Undefeated, Ian Brown, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Disney to name but a few, it’s understandable why the collection was in high demand.

It began with adidas aficionados queuing outside a handful of footwear boutiques on December 31st, 2004. While the rest of the city was in full party mode, the midnight chime signalled the sale of the collection.

There were five series in total: The Consortium Series, the Anniversary Series, the Music Series, the Expression series and the Cities Series – one of which serves as the inspiration behind our commemorative release.

A project of this stature needed a fitting finale, and with only 35 pairs made, and only available by tracking down posters and entering a prize draw, the Superstar35 model was the rarest of them all. From its sumptuous leather uppers, right down to the shell toe and the outsole, the shoe was handcrafted using only the most premium of materials. What’s more, it was presented in a huge white leather case with gold-plated hardware and an equally luxurious cleaning kit.

It was a luxury celebration of a unique and innovative concept that would serve as the foundation and inspiration for the next decade of sneaker culture.

We don’t want to reveal too much more about our adidas Originals Superstar ‘City Series Tribute’; throughout the week each of the shoe’s panels will be revealed 1-by-1. So make sure you’re keeping an eye on our socials.

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