size? collections – Naomi Chaffer – Sales Assistant at size? Manchester

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We’re back at size? Manchester for this edition of size? collections, and this time around Sales Assistant Naomi Chaffer is sharing what she’s got stashed away.

Have a flick through below!

size? collections - Naomi Chaffer

size? x Dave White x Nike Air Max 95 ‘Fox’ – 2016

size? x Dave White x Nike Air Max 95 'Fox' - 2016

“One of the pairs in my ever-growing collection. This is my favourite pair of Air Max 95s to date. I bought them in the women’s size store in Manchester about four years ago just before it closed down.”

Nike Air Max 90 – 2019

Nike Air Max 90 - 2019

“I couldn’t resist this colourway to wear on the odd sunny day in Manny! I really wanted these Air Max 90s when they first came out. Kept debating buying them as I was super skint at the time. I decided against buying them, but then had a nice surprise at Christmas when a special person bought them for me.”

Nike Air Max 98 ‘Snakeskin’ – 2019

Nike Air Max 98 'Snakeskin' - 2019

“I had never seen a pair of Air Max 98s like this. I bought these whilst in Amsterdam. My brother then lived over there and worked at the Nike headquarters. He arranged for me to have a tour around the headquarters and couldn’t leave before buying these.”



“I’ve collected books over the years. I’ll go through stages of reading loads and then months without. During this crazy time of isolation, I’ve managed to finish books I started months ago.”



“I have loads of prints and photos all over my walls. I have a lot of talented friends in photography and art, so most of them are from them. This is one in particular means a lot. A friend I’ve known for years did it. I don’t get to see him a lot with him being in London, so it reminds me of happy times, all hanging out together.”

Sports Banger ‘Nike x NHS’ Zine

Sports Banger 'Nike x NHS' Zine

“I’ve picked up and collected this kinda thing for years. I have zines/magazines/club flyers that friends have produced and ones I’ve picked up along the way. I collect this kind of thing as I love anything visually pleasing. I used to make magazines and books filled with abstract images and collages when I was in college. The collecting has never stopped. Love and a huge thanks to the NHS.”

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