We caught up with LeFtO ahead of his size? sessions (20:20 Mix)

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LeFtO size? sessions

An esteemed DJ for over two decades, LeFtO has built a reputation for being one of the most experimental tastemakers in Europe. We recently managed to catch up with the Belgium-born DJ to learn a little more about him, his musical influences, and of course his favourite footwear.

But that’s not all, to help kick off our all-new size? Mixcloud channel, LeFtO has also treated us to an exclusive mix – give it a listen below and keep on keep on reading to find out a bit more about our first guest.

Introduce yourself, what you do and what is your shoe size?

“My name is Lefto, a shoe size 11US, and a music-lover based in Brussels and travelling thousands of miles to share my musical discoveries in clubs around the world. 

I also try to help local and international upcoming talents and organize parties and events that reflect my vision and musical taste. I also host 3 shows a week on local national radio station Studio Brussels, and Paris’ Rinse France and London’s WorldwideFM.”

Can we find you on Instagram, if so, what’s your social handle?

“You can follow my life via my Instagram @lefto and can find my gig flyers and interesting photos on my feed.”

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

“That my artist name Lefto means “early bird” in French, but that everybody thinks it has something to do with being left-handed…well, it’s not… although I am left-handed. lol”

How do you find playing in UK cities? 

“Apart from London, it has always been difficult for me in the UK, for some reason, it’s hard for my agent to get me gigs in the UK, although I love the club culture and the dedicated crowds when I actually play in the UK.” 

When did you start getting into music and realise you wanted to be a part of the music industry?

“Music has always been around during my childhood and it basically never left as my best school mates were also into music and the hip hop culture in general. It was common for me to do after school in my mate’s bedroom to play records on a turntable. That’s how I got into the love of records and sharing music. I started to get really into deejaying when I was 18 or so.”

Can you list your Top 5 favourite tracks, this can be from any genre or time?

The Korgis – I need your lovin’

Inner City – Big fun

Goldie – Inner City Life

T99 – Anasthasia

Gang Starr – Code of the Streets

Do you have a go-to playlist to listen to, if so, what is it?

“I got over 808 shows available via Mixcloud and a couple playlists on Spotify, have fun…”

Can you remember buying your first pair of trainers, if so, what were they?

“I don’t remember my first pair of trainers but I remember having a very comfortable Jordan 4 copy made by L.A. Gear. And I remember being jealous of guys wearing a fresh pair of Jordan 5’s. We just couldn’t afford it.”

What is the most recent pair of trainers you have bought and what do you like about them?

“The pair that just came in today as I write is the Jordan 5 Off White, and thinking if I should cut out the holes or not. I’ve always liked Jordan 5’s and like Virgil’s approach for this one.”

If you had to wear 1 pair of trainers for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

“It would need to be a robust pair if it’s for the rest of my life. I would probably go for an Air Force 1 Low black.”

What is your all-time favourite pair of trainers, you don’t necessarily have to own them?

“That’s a dilemma, I own many favourite pair of trainers, from UNDERCOVER x Nike Element 87, the Cactus Plant Flea Market Air VaporMax, the Jordan Supreme Cement and the Travis Scott x Jordan Air 1 Low. But my all-time favourite sneaker is maybe the Jordan 6 in black and Infrared.”

Do you own a lot of shoes, if so, how many in total?

“Can’t say how many but maybe 300 or 400, which is pathetic when you think you only get to wear one pair at a time. But I see sneakers as a piece of art, not as a shoe. I really study a shoe when I take it out of the box, before I even wear it just so I don’t miss the designer’s detail.”

Don’t forget to follow the size? Mixcloud channel and tune into LeFtO’s exclusive mix.

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