size? x adidas Originals x Fox Brothers & Co: Part One – The Archive

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Ahead of the announcement of our latest collaboration with adidas Originals and Fox Brothers, we wanted to take some time to tell the story behind our partner brand.

Earlier in the year, we were given the opportunity to head down to Wellington and go behind the curtain of the inner workings at Fox Brothers. A brand led by its heritage, managing director, Douglas Cordeaux, took us through several of the incredible archive books which have been kept in use since 1773. Each seasonally ordered book holds thousands of fabric swatches manufactured by Fox Brothers over the centuries and is a constant source of reference for collections going forward.

Still sitting on the same for the past 250 years, the smaller operation is just as impressive as we imagine it would have been at its roaring peak throughout the 1800/1900’s. 

It’s famed for suiting up icons of entertainment, including Carey Grant and Fred Astaire, who famously used to clear the tailors floor in order to dance freely and test out the flexibility of the suit he was having fitted.

Douglas told us about the classic suit worn by Winston Churchill in the photograph showing him holding a Tommy gun back in 1940 War. An ensemble that made use of Fox Brothers fabric and was tailored by our previous collaborators over at Henry Poole & Co.

Join us tomorrow for Part Two, where we take a look at the design and production process that goes into creating Fox Flannel.

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