size? x The Warehouse Project – Four Tet Curates

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There’s no doubting this weekends line up was one of the most anticipated of The Warehouse Project season so far. A mixed bag of genres played in each room throughout the night, with a heavy line-up including Mall Grab, Daphni, Peggy Gou, Hessle Audio, Flava D and of the course the headliners of the night, Four Tet and Skrillex.

After cancelling her previous nights show due to extreme illness, nobody was sure if Peggy Gou would even make it tonights event. So to put on the performance she did after being IV’d medication shortly before arriving was very impressive, and the crowd were more than appreciative throughout the whole set. The Nike x Undercover Daybreak's on foot were a nice touch.

The finale had been on everyone’s lips all night; how does it sound when you bring together two artists that sit at completely different ends of the musical spectrum and put them on a 4-deck setup playing records back to back. Well, the result was pretty incredible. Prior to this collaboration, each had run through their own sets which had the place jumping in their own right; Kieran with his eclectic mix of rare tunes from all over the world, and Sonny with his renowned, more aggressive vision of dubstep and club music. The combination of the both working together for a hour ended up being a combination of neither! The selection ranged from Jungle, to Dubstep, with a little bit of Disney sampling thrown in for good measure.

Keep an eye on the blog this week to see our exclusive interviews with DJ Q, Flava D, and Saoirse, along with plenty more to come from the past few weeks worth of shows.

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