adidas Originals Training PT ‘Blue / Lime Green’ – size? Exclusive

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adidas Originals Training PT – size? Exclusive 'Blue/Lime Green'

Well, we clearly must have struck a chord with all you adidas collectors out there with the revival of the Training PT. The reaction to the return of the nostalgic 00’s icon has been immense, so how better to follow it up than unearthing another OG colour palette. Back from the archives, this time we’ve dug out the Training PT in one of its memorable neon guises.  

We shed some light on the history of the silhouette a few weeks back, but just in case you’re not familiar with the trainer’s unusual past, we’ll fill you in once more...

The Training PT’s history actually stretches back much further than its mid-00’s release. Standing for ‘Training Prototype’, it was initially designed in ’74, but for some reason or other, adidas’ design team considered the shoe to be a tad too futuristic for the era. Playing it safe, they opted to hold back the project’s release until 2007.

adidas Originals Training PT 'Blue/Lime Green'

Although they probably didn’t know it, holding back the PT’s release may have been one of the greatest decisions adidas had ever made. In the late-00s to early-10s, the Training PT was at the peak of its success; its streamlined figure made it the perfect model for a whole range of cross-training sports, but it became of those releases that exceeded its original purpose.

The trainer was highly versatile, looking equally as good with a pair of jeans as it did with a tracksuit or shorts. No matter who you were, or why you owned a pair, the PT was one of those great all-rounders that you could wear with anything - which is probably the main reason it was one of the most successful adidas releases of its era.

Still, as is the case with many fashions, the styles at the height of popularity eventually burn out to make way as the next trend moves in. We’ve already shown that now was the perfect time for the Training PT to come full circle and now we’re bringing it back for only the second time in a fair few years in its original blue, lime green and black colourways.

It’s built with a breathable mesh base to keep your feet cool and comfortable when you’re on the move, while suede overlays work their way around the toe, heel, sidewall and eyestays for added support. Below, its distinctive circularly patterned midsole is back yet again, and we can guarantee that it’s just as comfy today as it was back in the ’00s.


Select sizes of the adidas Originals Training PT – size? Exclusive are available online and in size? stores, priced at £80 and available in men’s and women’s sizes.

adidas Originals Training PT – size? Exclusive 'Blue/Lime Green' side panel

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