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size? Experts - Camden George

Earlier this month, we unveiled size? Experts. The all-new platform – exclusive to Nike product – means you can seamlessly connect with one of our in-store Expert staff at the click of an icon. Over 50 size? Experts are available in 14 size? stores across the UK and France, and can provide the finer details on products, such as stock availability, sizing guidance and styling advice whilst you shop online. Our Experts will not only be able to talk through any product questions but they’ll also be able to share and live stream photos and videos, as well as booking you an in-store appointment to offer further guidance.

For more detail on size? experts, click here, where we explain the user’s size? Experts journey.

Kicking things off last week, we met up with our size? Expert over in Manchester to get to know a little bit about him as an individual and his time in the city. Over the next few weeks we’ll be catching up with the Experts over at Meadowhall, Marseille, Camden and Toulouse to bring you an insight into their cities, streetwear influences and their vast knowledge of all things streetwear. They’ll also be explaining what it means to them to be a size? Expert, whilst delving into the benefits of using the all-new platform.

Next on the schedule is Camden, where we caught up with our size? Expert George, who shared his insight on his beloved hometown, his love of all things Nike and the perks of using size? Experts.

Introducing: George

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

I’m George and I’m originally from Bath, but I’ve just relocated to London and so I’m working in Camden.

2. What does your city mean to you?

Every part of London feels different. Now I’m here, it does feel a lot more like home. The main differences to Bath, Bath is really quiet. Compared to Bath, Camden is a lot more diverse. There is a way bigger music scene, all the buildings are way more colourful, everywhere you look everything is different, whereas in Bath everything is quite symmetrical, everything is made up of Bath stone, whereas in Camden you have literally a mix of everything which I think is quite cool.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

I’m solely into streetwear but everything is quite simple. The last thing I want to do in the morning is to worry about what I’m wearing.  I mainly take inspiration from people in the fashion industry and music artists, whatever they’re wearing can influence trends, so I like to keep up to date and base my personal style around that.

4. What is your favourite Nike product?

At the moment it’s probably my P-6000s which I’m wearing today, along with the Nike Vomero 5 which are my everyday shoes, just down to the comfort and I feel it’s a really clean silhouette and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Of all time, it’s a hard one. I’d probably say my Nike x atmos Safari Air Max 1s. They’re probably the most limited pair of shoes I’ve got in my collection at the moment, and also they’re the loudest when I pair it up with something quite simple I let my feet do the talking.

5. What is special about your city?

I was born in Camberwell in London, so I’ve always been looking to move back, but I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity. I suppose it’s special to me in that I was born here, but I’ve never really got a chance to experience it. Also, my parents grew up here.

6. Where do you like to hang out?

There’s so much to do, after work we’d go down to the local pubs. Any place where you can socially get together is fine with me.

7. What are your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

My biggest influence in music is Travis Scott, as he’s one of the artists I listen to the most. Also, the A$AP crew – A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg. Obviously, their style always changes so I like to keep up to date with what they’re wearing and what looks cool. I follow quite a few founders and directors of different companies on Instagram, the main brands I keep up to date with are A-Cold-Wall and Off White. Virgil Abloh and Samuel Ross are always trying to do different things within the streetwear community and culture, so they’re probably two of my big influences.

8. Where do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere now I’ve moved to London, there are people everywhere, especially more in Central London. In Camden, it’s got more of a punk rock feel to it, but in Central, you’ve got people who are really into the streetwear scene, so you can look for inspiration from them. Or Instagram. Instagram’s a huge influence.

9. What does 2019 have in store for you?

Hopefully a lot more progress with work, I’ve been working hard so hopefully more opportunities will come. And now I’m in London, I’ve got everything around me.

size? Experts - Camden George

George and Nike:

1. What does Nike mean to you?

When I was growing up playing football everything would revolve around more of the sportswear side of things, so either getting astroturf trainers or buying football boots. I think my first major pair of football boots were the Mercurial Vapors, the R9s, in silver and blue. I remember watching Ronaldo play in them and I’d always wanted them, so as soon as they went on sale, I was straight on it. As soon as I got past the whole football as a hobby, and branched more into streetwear, that’s when I turned to Nike again to look for different styles of footwear, branching into Air Max and different sorts of releases. I think to me personally, Nike has almost been embedded into me since being a child.

2. Who wears Nike in your city?

There are many different types of people that wear Nike. Everyone wears different things which is one of the best parts of the brand because there’s something out there for everyone.

3. What Nike styles are worn in your city?

In Camden specifically, a lot of people wear Air Max – people are looking for something that they can wear every day, that’s going to be comfortable. In Bath, it was the same. Personally, I see a lot of Air Max and now a lot of the retro styles because they’re coming back in.

4. Which of the Nike product launches has been most anticipated?

I find the most anticipated Nike product launches are the collaborations – the Sacai Waffle Racers that just released, and also the Travis Scott Jordans. The amount of hype that’s around them is ridiculous.

5. Do to consider yourself an expert on Nike?

I consider myself an expert to some extent. From growing up wearing Nike – whether it’s within football or within the streetwear side of things – I think I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on different types of products. So, to some extent yeah, but I also feel you could spend your whole life researching Nike’s history and the products they have.

size? Experts - Camden George

George on size? Experts:

1. How does the size? Experts service work? 

The size? Experts service is an app to connect customers outside the shop to the people working in the physical store. If a customer is browsing online at home, and they want to know something specific about a product, say maybe it’s not in stock online, they can basically open a live chat and connect with someone from their local store and ask questions. We can also show video or photo evidence of what the stock actually looks like, and we can also chat to that customer directly to recommend them on how it fits and what size they should go for and so on.

2. What are the benefits of the service?

The benefits of the service from a customer’s view are that it’s basically another outlet for them to get the best service possible, and essentially if someone wants a product it’s another way to get it to them.

3. What does being a ‘size? Expert’ mean to you?

Being a size? Expert to me means having a broad amount of knowledge on all the products that we sell in-store. Obviously, it’s impossible to know everything, but being able to use my experience and my knowledge about specific products, and how I can relate that to customers.

4. What is the most commonly asked question you hear in store?

Definitely how something fits. With the amount of technology going into footwear and clothing nowadays, a lot of customers are confused on what sort of size to get, so I’m there to help them decide what’s best for them.

5. How would your colleagues describe you?

My colleagues would describe me hopefully as hard-working, friendly and approachable. And I like to think of myself as a laugh to work with as well, to make work as easy as possible.

6. What makes you good at your job?

I’ve been working in retail since I was 16, and have been with size? for two years, so I’ve gained a lot of industry knowledge to be able to train staff and help customers get the best service possible. By being enthusiastic about streetwear on a personal level, I can engage that with my working life so I’m able to offer customers the best experience in-store as possible.

7. Why did you want to work at size?

Mainly due to the atmosphere in the store. I was a regular customer before I worked there, and I’d always had a positive experience whenever I went there and spoke to the guys. We’d always speak about the latest releases, and it just inspired me to want to work there really.

8. What is your favourite Nike product from past and present and why?

One of my favourite products from Nike’s previous launches is the Air Max 90 Current Huarache. I just like the way it combines two different elements of two different styles of footwear and mashes them up into one. My current favourite Nike product is the Vomero 5, mainly down to the price point and also because it’s really comfortable, so it’s currently my everyday trainer in my rotation.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the size? blog for the rest of our size? Experts series…

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