size? & Reebok Classics – Ree/Cut feat. Rosanna Webster

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Following on from the launch of the first size?womens exclusive, the Reebok Phase 1 Pro ‘Californian Summer 84,’ we sat down with mixed-media creative Rosanna Webster to discuss her work, and the inspirations that drive her.

Coming as part of the Ree/Cut series, an exclusive collaborative project between size? and Reebok Classics, the digital collage artist worked on the supporting artwork for the second shoe in the series, which looks towards Los Angeles for it’s summer-ready colourway.

Starting the piece by looking at the inspiration behind the shoe, the Los Angeles Olympics, and the infamous Californian Summer, Webster created a juxtaposition between poolside textures of water and palm trees and the harsh lines of a tennis court – a nod to the Phase 1’s sporting heritage.

Check out the full video above and be sure to follow @sizeforwomen for more.

The size?exclusive Reebok Phase 1 Pro ‘Californian Summer 84’ is now available.

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