true to size? 003

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true to size? is back for it’s third installment as we take a closer look at the sneaker community, and the news and views within it.

Kicking off episode 003, we introduce the first official women’s size?exclusive with the Reebok Phase 1 Pro ‘Californian Summer 84.’ Looking back to the LA Olympics, the shoe takes on a summer-ready aesthetic thanks to a tonal colourway throughout.

Sticking with a summer theme, adidas Originals recently released a selection of retro football kits ahead of the World Cup. Flicking through the history books, some of the most iconic shirts through the ages have been reimagined for a new audience.

And finally, we put this year’s Nike Air Max 1 ‘Curry’ head to head against it’s ‘03 predecessor. Nike’s infamous Air Max ‘grail’ sees a rerelease this year to celebrate 15 years of Curry.

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