Joining the Dots Podcast – Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton is a man who needs little to no introduction really. A household name within skateboarding, Ed has been at the helm of his company Toy Machine for 25 years. The creative driving force behind the brands graphic output for it’s entirety, Templeton’s viewpoint on the world is definitely one of his own, turning his hand to painting, graphic design and ad layouts, and probably more famously, photography. Living close to the Huntington Beach Pier for a considerable amount of time, Ed’s spent years documenting the oddments and interesting locals that vacate the pier. Add to this his nearly 20 strong back catalogue of published photobooks, and you have a real concise documentation of the goings on inside his head.

For the latest episode in our ‘Joining the Dots’ series of podcasts, host Don Letts sat down with Ed to talk shop about his company and his varying creative outlets. You can find the Podcast online here, along with our first episode with singer Cosima.

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