Denzel Curry

Share This: Putting a European twist on this months edition of size?sessions, we crossed the English Channel and descended upon size? Paris to host an instore party celebrating the locations 5th year of service. Denzel Curry stepped up to the plate for an energetic session this month, the cobbled streets of Paris a far cry from his upbringing in the Deep South. Home to it's own style of Hip Hop, the Floridian grew up amongst a myriad of influences, and began to pioneer his own interpretation of how he saw the genre. His style acts as a sort of hybrid, bridging the gap between modern day 'turn up' rap that's gained popularity at a rapid pace over the last couple of years, and the conscious lyricism of yesteryear. He wants people to enjoy themselves while listening, but also take something of value away from it afterwards. We sat down with Denzel before he took the Mic to find out a bit more about his background in Carol City, his history with rap group Raider Klan, and his favourite spots around the world he's encountered while touring.

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