Converse ‘My One Star Mid’ Part One – Benaiah Matheson

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Taking a look at different ways in which the same product can be styled, we’ve teamed up with Converse to profile three creatives to see how they interpret the One Star Mid, following them around for the day to see where it takes them.

First up in the series, we’re pleased to introduce Benaiah Matheson. Based in Huddersfield, Benaiah’s a self employed designer who’s created his own eponymous brand that specialises in apparel.

As we arrive at Benaiah’s studio, incense burns and the sound of Tibetan bells echo around the room; a calming space. His ‘Be Yourself Always’ mantra visceral as we are invited to look through his archived garments. The signature logo of his eponymous brand is displayed everywhere – his desk, chair and canvas all bombed with the tag. A peaceful ambience throughout.

After a brief visit to his home studio, Benaiah had new stock to deliver – a consignment of hoodies, sweats and tees.

As we walk from studio to store, the local lad greets friends and shows us around some of his regular hangouts he frequents around the town inbetween meetings and the time taken to produce his garments

After dropping the stock with Soi ’77 we take the short journey to Huddersfield market on the lookout for some vintage pieces, a research exercise to help gain inspiration from clothing produced over the decades. The market is the site of many of Benaiah’s vintage pick-ups, and aids him in his journey to create something new, while being inspired by the past.

Next on the journey we head to nearby Brighouse, to check on some new designs Benaiah was having mocked up as samples. A magnificent mill from the 1800’s, the building houses the screen-printing company Ben’s used since starting his label. Archived tees and old designs take pride of place hung along the wall. While we’re at the mill, Benaiah takes advantage of the vintage warehouse on-site, always on the lookout for new garments and designs.

Last up for Benaiah was a meeting with a Manchester based photographer and creative, to discuss ideas for an upcoming look-book they intend to collaborate on. The meeting takes place at the Zephyr coffee shop – the owner of which is also a close friend.

You can find the latest Converse One Star Mid colourways online and in size? stores now, priced at £70.

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