Introducing – Medicom Be@rBrick

Adding to our selection of products for 2017, we’re pleased to be stocking some of the latest Medicom BE@RBRICK collections, available in selected size? stores only across the UK and Europe.

The BE@RBRICK has always been a core staple of any vinyl toy collection. The brand behind the Bear, Medicom Toy, was formed in Japan in 1996 as a means of creating a new market for those obsessed with the collection of figurines. Comic book and toy collecting has always been an enormous part of Japanese culture, with many Otaku amassing incredible collections of items. Over the years vinyl and collectible toys have also blended together with the world of streetwear, with numerous brands and artists within the scene offering their take on how they perceive a ‘toy’ should be interpreted with their mark.

Rather than the run of the mill action figures you might have played with when you were younger, these are designed as works of art, modernised sculptures that represent a culture. BE@RBRICK in particular presents an artist or collaborative party with exactly the same canvas to work off, and interpret in a way that best represents them.

BE@RBRICK’s come in all shapes and sizes, and have played host to numerous collaborative projects over the years, spanning the worlds of art, design, music and film. Your standard issue BE@RBRICK is categorised as a ‘100%’, the originally released scale. From this point sizing will go down to either a small keychain, all the way up to a 4ft ‘1000%’ that can obviously take up a lot more space in your home!

Notable collaborators on BE@RBRICK over the years have included Japanese streetwear stalwarts A Bathing Ape and Neighbourhood, streetwear giants Nike and Stüssy, and artist renditions by Futura 2000, Stash, and Kaws. These have definitely helped escalate the value of particular releases, with the most expensive 1000% ever reaching over $100,000 at auction!

Coming Soon to size?

To introduce the brand we’ve got a selection of the newest blindbox releases from Series 34, a mixed bag of graphic prints that are a surprise with every purchase. The will be priced at £8.

100% Blindbox Series 34

We’ll also be stocking a few of the larger 400% scale figures including collaborative releases with SSUR, Goodenough, Astroboy, Grateful Dead, and Pharrell Williams’ iamother imprint. Prices will range from £80 – £185, with more information available on our social channelsonce they begin to arrive.

400% Collaborations




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