Puma Suede Season – Siobhan Bell

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In the third and final installment of Suede Season, the jet setting east London DJ and style icon Siobhan Bell walks us through her neck of the woods. She talks about inspirations, how people, places and experiences continue to shape who she is and how her style evolves. The London local has had an almost inverted entrance into the music scene. Starting off working behind the scenes within the realms of PR, interning at esteemed labels such as Warner, Atlantic, and Birdman’s famous Cash Money Records. Djing had always been a pasttime to her, and she got her first major booking playing at a major London retail spot. Currently holding down a monthly residency with internet radio station NTS, Bell’s eclectic selection steps into the worlds of grime and trap, and merges together with obscure modern hip-hop.


Having grown up in South London and eventually moving over to East, it was this transition which inspired and enabled her to pursue a career as a DJ. She feels very fortunate to be in the position she occupies, in that she has the power to help bring new artists through and celebrate and actively promote groundbreaking new music.

Despite the expanding international landscape that Siobhan’s sounds can be heard on, from NY fashion parties to the Tokyo club scene, she talks about the importance of always repping where she is from and the underground sounds that are most heavily embedded within her UK roots.

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