Introducing: Native Union

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Built around the shared passion of well thought out design and preference for products designed to last, Native Union provide a selection of accessories created to withstand constant everyday use.

Design duo Igor Duc and John Brunner set out to solve the age old issue that I’m sure most of us have experienced with the influx of modern day technology. Everything needs a cable, but the standard issue options provided with the products often are never up to scratch, and we’re having to constantly replace mobile phone cables due to splitting and damage because of their daily use.

Native Union works with three key points of consideration when brainstorming new products; Quality, design, and materials, and this trifecta of thought is always present whenever you look at their whole range of products.


Our current roster includes a selection of mobile phone cables, the majority of which cater to the newest iPhone Lightning charger port. The electronic element is housed inside a hardwearing durable nylon, with a variety of lengths dependent on your need. On the ‘Night’ model, a weighted, moveable knot has been added to the 10ft cable which helps keep your charger in place if you happen to be using it in bed, rather than it constantly falling off.


The Belt Cable with it’s twin head function handily caters for your needs if you happen to have both an iPhone and an HTC device, with the capability of swapping between the two options when necessary.

You can shop our current collection of Native Union products online now.

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