My Chuck 70’s – Alex Kaszycki-Williams

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Recently it’s become much harder to pinpoint a specific style that you’d instantly coin with the term ‘streetwear’. Experimentation with style is at it’s most abstract in this present day, and it’s interesting to observe how people go about integrating those classic silhouettes we all know and love into their own interpretation of ‘style’.

In this series, we’re looking to focus on this styling aspect in particular, and see how different personalities manage to blend the same classic shoe into their own style seamlessly. The first icon we’ve taken a look at the classic Converse All Star range, in particular the newly reconsidered Chuck 70’s range.


To meet up with our first subject we headed down to London, in particular the current UK streetwear mecca of Soho to meet up with Alex Kaszycki-Williams and took a walk around this second home of sorts.

Alex is one of many key figureheads leading the way in the promotion and progression of the streetwear scene in the UK. A self-made business owner, he’s also heavily involved with the running of The Basement, an online streetwear discussion forum turned clothing brand, started out by a collection of friends who spent many a cold night camping on the street for limited edition product. It’s online presence has almost reached the realms of the fifty thousand mark, and it still retains its status as an authoritative destination for credible streetwear discussion.


The initial facebook group set-up has now evolved into it’s own website and blog platform, where regular content showcasing the thriving London scene is posted weekly to document the continued activity we’re now used to seeing on product launch days.

Alex’s style is fully representative of the blend we discussed in our introduction. He’s comfortably able team up a clean, technical North Face piece with a pair of fleece tracksuit pants and some timeless black & white Chuck 70’s, and it doesn’t look out of place in the slightest.

Shop our current range of Converse Chuck 70’s online here, and check the blog on Sunday to see the next instalment in our ‘My Chuck 70’s story.

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