adidas Originals Climacool

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Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 19.14.06 They’re back. After a long period of absence, an icon returns next week onto our shelves at size? red-1936x1936 Released back in the early 2000's, the iconic Climacool has always been ahead of its time; with the enhanced ventilation and structured midsole, the silhouette still looks brand new to this day. It wasn’t just the upper material of the Climacool that made them ultra-breathable; they incorporated ventilation holes into the mid and outsole giving them a 360 degree flow of fresh air. black-1936x1936

For its latest iteration, adidas Originals are opting for a tonal approach, going with an all-over black, white, red and teal. To the original specification, a layered, breathable mesh sits alongside the heavily ventilated upper and three stripes branding.

white-1936x1936 The original release arrived with two classic adverts that highlighted the breathability of the new shoe. Both ads finished with sporting icons of the time; with Anna Kournikova recreating Marilyn Monroe's 'flying skirt' and David Beckham listening to 'Peaches' by the Stranglers in a convertible muscle car. The adidas Originals Climacool launches online next Saturday (April 2nd) at 8:00am via direct links on our Facebook and Twitter pages and in size? stores from their respective opening times.

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