The First’s

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From the first film to feature sound to the first music song ever recorded, we’ve gone back and compiled an array of breakthroughs and innovations that have led the way to help shape the way our world is and acts today.



The first film with sound

The first full film to feature sound was ‘The Jazz Singer’, which launched late October in 1927, using ‘Vitaphone’, which at the time was at the forefront of film technology.


The first film in colour

Several films fight for this crown, but the first full film, albeit it silent, to feature colour throughout was ‘Cupid Angling’ in 1918.


The first film full length computer animated film

Created completely using computer generated imagery, Toy Story made history in 1995. The film later went on to earn over $361 million worldwide and is still heavily regarded as one of the most iconic animated films of all time.


The first song ever recorded

A French folk song created back in the 18th century has since gone on to become a household lullaby.

The first music video

The story goes… as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody launched whilst the band were on tour, they made a video to be played in their absence.

The first music video broadcast on MTV

MTV launched on August 1st 1981 and kick started their legacy with ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles.



The first petrol powered car

Karl Benz, the pioneering founder of Mercedes Benz, designed the first petrol powered automobile in 1886. Whilst other cars were made before hand, this was the first that went on to be produced mutliple times.


The first mass proudced car

With over 16 million vehicles sold to date, the Ford Model T is still regarded as one of the most influential vehicles ever made.

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