What if James Bond villains shopped at size? – illustrated by Josh Parkin.

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Ever wondered if Auric Goldfinger was more of a Nike or a New Balance kinda’ guy? Could Dr.No really say no to a pair of the new The North Face leather gloves?

Here, we take a look back (with the help of Josh Parkin) at some of our favourite James Bond villains and see what items they would be carrying alongside them whilst striving for world domination. 


Rosa Klebb – Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket – Shop Now

Rosa, who lovingly came from Russia, often opted for a palette of military olives. With her heart set on a pair of the Reebok Pump’s, she didn’t get the point when she was told we didn’t actually have any in green until next season.

As they wouldn’t go with her ensemble anyway, she decided to go with the Alpha Industries Flight Jacket; a timeless classic that wouldn’t look out of place in her layers whilst leading the next SMERSH meeting.


Dr No – The North Face Gloves – Shop Now

Could Dr No really say no to a pair of our latest The North Face gloves? Julius needed a hand (or two…) in store whilst debating whether to go with leather or wool for this Winter.

Luckily, they came in all-black, continuing his monochrome aesthetic and getting him a few additional likes on his Instagram page; even villains need a little self confidence.


Auric Goldfinger – Stussy Paisley Rugby Shirt (Shop Now) & adidas Originals Jamaica (Shop Now)

He’s the man, the man with the… golden shirt and shoes. Auric loves incorporating subtle shades of gold into his daily outfits and felt his latest pick-ups from size? really met his midas taste.

Ideal for a morning on the golf course or an afternoon in Fort Knox, Goldfinger’s gilded guise drew him towards Stussy’s Paisley Rugby Shirt and adidas Originals Jamaica OG’s.


Oddjob – Stussy Stock Leather Brim Bucket Hat – Shop Now

Oddjob sampled a selection of our hats – much to the dismay of the staff and customers who had to keep ducking out of the way of the many flying New Era’s and Mitchell & Ness’ – but eventually settled for a Stussy Bucket Hat.

Constructed similarly to his iconic bowler hat, the leather brim on this latest iteration resulted in additional air time and a more precise trajectory.

Please note: No mannequins were harmed in store during this purchase.


Jaws – Jason Markk 4oz Premium Cleaning Kit – Shop Now

Jaws stumbled across size? on his way to a dentist appointment after having an incident with his iPhone travel adapter wire whilst on holiday in Wales.

The Jason Markk Cleaning Kit provided the perfect remedy to cleaning his well-travelled shoes as well as doubling up as an extreme mouth wash.

nick nackVEc

Nick Nack – Penfield Brookport Sweatshirt – Shop Now

There is nothing Nick Nack enjoys more after a long day of operating the fun house and escaping from suitcases than getting changed out of his three piece butler’s suit.

The Penfield Brookport Sweatshirt provided the perfect smart-casual alternative that meant even if Scaramanga wanted a late night top up on his Dom Perignon, he still looked the part.


Francisco Scaramanga – Casio Dual Time AQ-230 Watch – Shop Now

When dueling becomes a part of your regular day-to-day, there are just some items you cannot live without.

The Casio Duel Time AQ-230 Watch really brings out the colour in Scaramanga’s golden gun but also helps remind him about that pressing engagement at dusk.


Mayday – adidas Originals Archive Bodysuit – Shop Now

Mayday has been a firm member of the #ladiesthatlace movement since the birth of size? for women several months ago.

She decided to go for this adidas Originals Archive Bodysuit; ideal for her weekly wrestling warm-ups with Max Zorin.

Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi – Nike Air Huarache ‘Triple Black’ – Shop Now

After the many late night voodoo dances had started to take its toll, Baron Samedi decided he needed just that little bit more comfort in his life.

Torn between the triple black Huarache’s and Mowabb’s, he let the cards decide… taking the decision well and truly out of his hands.


Emilio Largo – adidas Originals Firebird Track Top – Shop Now

Largo, a man of class who only dresses in black and white, kept it clean and clinical with his purchases: the iconic Firebird track suit.

He had only planned to buy the top originally, but after matching 4 numbers on the Thunderball during the week, the matching pants soon became a necessity.

mr big

Dr Kananga aka Mr Big – Carhartt WIP Phoenix Coat (Shop Now) & Carhartt WIP 25th Master Pant (Shop Now)

Operating under the guise of Mr Big, Kananga used the streets of New York and New Orleans as his catwalk; showcasing his extensive collection of workwear.

The many pockets on the Phoenix Coat was an added bonus; providing plenty of compartments for face mask prosthetics if the need to become two faced arose whilst on the move.

The latest James Bond film SPECTRE hits cinemas this Monday (26th October).

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