Ladies that Lace: Sarah Mei

Share This: Sarah Mei, a creative consultant and producer based in London, carries her own personal taste into every project by utilising a range of patterns and print. T4eLNWuZwPIu-2lG-K4_tugL67U7J--WTnHI4qHOfxY,2maVjGjUvM5Yg4tOxxA7C8m836nJr7jiBtpJOuaU8Ls,DVaps51CyAEW3Da3k25hmyrOC6b0kjYCjo_0sj-EZwY Sarah’s understanding of all things visual looks beyond what is en vogue and is carried through her approach to life and work. hAONRx8BPgOJ_Xs56oEaJuLjw47p8kDUF3dSWFvryDg,BJ4Ht8anWFb1nc4w86gOffynmp5s3Tzc3TJgh58rBvk,PLklXGNJMSTSX37DU28AB_XFHczPPMIUPqIgBO4gMyM Delivering a photoshoot, providing insights for the future of women’s sports footwear or getting dressed in the morning, with Sarah you can guarantee the result will be the perfect split between timeless and contemporary. ceGnRGOQpdxkAot0PW9tXRdQYdRhLsBZu1jmCTc2K9E,3slUkkJPe6XK4slCVv5t-ja5vYVYUgXDwfGhVy_Ler8 You can also see the first two instalments with Sharmadean Reid and Charlie May. up08VSOBB6hFfmSIhNVk2gEqjAOFweWZfFGzP8gzeag,3ZniguVEJpPp91zVWeGxa9DeODjzHypyu1aNz4OukPg,kSJzQ5Z_LE-LSvWOOKUQaRP-VHmZNPwnnaDUzO2y8Xg During the film, Sarah wears the women’s Nike Juvenate.

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