Well Travelled: Senegal via Herschel.

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Following on from their ‘Well Travelled‘ series, Herschel Supply showcase how versatile and useful their products are by following the progress of Californian based surfer and travel photographer Nate Zoller. Follow along on his trip to West Africa accompanied with his words and photos below…

I didn’t see myself traveling to West Africa before the Roark Revival crew invited me. It seemed too far, too disease-ridden and too dangerous. But when the itinerary was thrown on my lap, I vaccinated and went. For the next week we surfed, rode camels, ate seafood and spoke in broken French. Everything went smoothly and I left the country wanting more.

I was walking through a Rasta woodcarving village and heard some hoots from above me.

Our mechanic Mustafa’s rig.

Around the world people carry their belongings in different ways. I choose a backpack and the lady on the right uses her head.

The hustle and bustle of downtown Dakar.

Check the look on that guy’s face. He is stoked.

Local mango dealers near Dakar.

Our Land Rover Defender 110 in between a few Baobab trees, which can store up to 26,000 gallons of water in their trunks to endure the dry season.

Palm trees in the desert.

Ngor Beach with Senegalese wrestling happening in the foreground. It’s developed into a national sport over the last 20 years.

A Senegalese wrestling close-up. The man on the right is the national champion.

Future surf leaders.

I brought my board to the beach and every little kid wanted to try it.

The Senegalese wash their prized ram in the ocean.

One of many fishing boats on the beach.

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