5 Minutes with Stevie Williams of Asphalt Yacht Club

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We recently caught up with Asphalt Yacht Club founder and skateboard royal Stevie Williams alongside the brands designer Peter Huynh to ask them how the brand started, the process of bringing it to the market and the inspiration behind their latest collection.

What are the foundations behind the brand and how did it come about?

The foundation behind the brand is wanting to do something different, and do it with integrity. We started by creating an original team that represented the diversity in skateboarding, and we made it a point not to steal anybody from other brands. We backed that up with good quality and fresh designs that speak to that eclectic idea.

Why the name?

It’s a unique name that represents where I’m at in my life career-wise, and a reflection of what me and the rest of the team envision for ourselves. We’re all street skaters, so the Asphalt is where we live. The Yacht is a destination point. It could be anything: a new house, a Street League trophy, whatever. It’s about where you are, and where you’re trying to get to.


What reaction has there been to the brand in such a well-established skate industry?

Skateboarding is always going to check you and make sure you’re here for the right reasons no matter who you are, so people were definitely skeptical at first, but over time people started to understand our message. I think that, at this point, people get what we’re trying to deliver, and they’re taking to our message, which is cool.

How was the skate team assembled?

With a vision of diversity. We got at everybody individually, so not everyone knew each other at first, but we wanted that dynamic. We wanted to show that, no matter how different everyone is, skateboarding ties us together.


In terms of personal as opposed to business, what inspires and drives you?

Personally, what drives me is my kids, my friends, and my past. I also have a lot of visions, and I love seeing those come to life. There are also a lot of people in my life who’ve inspired me to do my own thing. Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Rob Dyrdek, Colin McKay, and my new partner at AYC.

Take us through your usual day.

Depending on what city I’m in, I usually get up, read my horoscope, check my email, maybe set up a board, skate Da Playground and go hang with my homies. Come back home, eat, and then go party.


Are any of the AYC team involved in the designs?

We definitely listen to what people say and ask for input. We’re also starting to move on individual collections, like Nyjah’s new collection, that give the skaters a lot more input on their gear.

What’s next for AYC?

Man, where to start? We’ve got a new collection dropping for holiday soon, some new signature gear in the works, and collabs we’re working on that we can’t really talk about yet. Keep an eye on the site and our social media for updates.

You can see our latest collection of Asphalt Yacht Club here.

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