RECAP: Crepe City 11

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Crepe City. The UK’s most established and longstanding trainer event sees sellers, brands and artists come together from across the country to take party and showcase their collections. Whether buying, selling or observing was on the agenda, all would be fulfilled, the event saw almost 5000 people come through its doors.



Endless rows of tables ran parallel down the room, located deep in the heart of Shoreditch. Each table was laced with tiers of trainers; classics from past and present, from Nike to New Balance, adidas to Asics. The format was essentially a car boot-esque bartering system; each stall priced their assets accordingly, allowing the masses to find a bargain in the midst. The humidity however, whether it was down to the sun outside or the vast amount of ‘heat’ represented on each table, turned the hall into a greenhouse underneath the glass skylights.

Alongside sellers, UK based artist Steph Morris, exhibited her lifelike pencil sketches alongside Filfury, who brought down his abstract creations; by using iconic trainer silhouettes and transforming them into individual works of art.


PUMA had a concession at the rear of the hall, showcasing their latest collaborations on podiums with the size? x PUMA ‘Wilderness Pack’ taking centre stage. Both the Blaze of Glory ‘Jungle’ and Disc Blaze ‘Mountain’ were unveiled alongside their counterparts, the R698 ‘Sahara’ and XS850 ‘Innercity’. This gave the second part of the Wilderness Pack their first real outing before their release this Saturday (2nd August).



Also on show was the first instalment ‘Purple Oasis’ of the size? x Reebok ‘Pastels Pack’, a Worldwide exclusive. Entrants had the chance of winning a pair, by locating them being worn and uploading the photograph online with the hashtag #sizereebok. Head over to our blog for further details regarding the competition or for a more in depth look at the shoes.

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