Carhartt WIP Radio

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Exclusively and very personal: Carhartt Radio isn’t just another DJ mix! Each month, the Carhartt family welcome various guests from across the globe to broadcast selected music and individual shows for everyone to listen to. Label owners, DJs and artists will play, perform and talk about their own music and their backgrounds; an exclusive aspect of the music industry that is hardly seen nowadays.

It’s the intimate amateur view, brought to us by the pros that make this radio station so attractive. Versatility is the buzzword — from bubble-bath-soul to dubstep, from booty beats to nerdy hip hop from house to techno, there’s something for everyone to feast their ears upon.

Ever since the mid-90s, Carhartt Work in Progress has sponsored the musical scene, assisting the growth on various levels. This niche association between local artists and the European division of the workwear brand has steadily helped present the Carhartt logo as a mark of quality, for both events and artists in the numerous supported scenes. By no means is this a new concept, but the labels and artists involved in this project are all representing their own genre in a way that only a handful of others have been able to show the diversity of the musical world we live in today.

Check out some of our favourite mixtapes to date and head over to the iOS App store to download the Carhartt Radio App for yourself HERE.

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