New Era Heritage Series “1934 Collection”

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For their latest collection of Fitted hats, New Era have launched their Heritage Series, which pays homage to the rich company history and the legendary baseball teams of that era. The series, titled “1934 Collection”, features a set of classic baseball caps that include iconic teams such as the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers.

The series takes direct inspiration from a time when New Era was the first company to establish handmade caps across the American Major League, one of the two leagues that make up Major League Baseball (MLB). It also clearly showcases why over 100 years after its initial creation, New Era still retains the exclusive rights to manufacture the official on-field caps, thanks to their longstanding commitment to product quality and their authentic history within the sport itself.

The New Era Heritage Series “1934 Collection” will be available from Friday 28th February, both online and in selected size? stores, priced from £42 in Fitted sizes 7 – 7 ½.

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