Why Get Air When You Can Fly

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Unknown to some and famous to many, the original PONY City Wings collection and main advertising campaign is rooted in the time of no-holds-barred image wars between major brands and iconic figures. Battles were waged to grab the attention of the US nation in various ways -East vs West, Pepsi vs Cola, Atari vs Nintendo, and with the City Wings, its main rivals were Air Jordans.

Perhaps PONY’s most memorable hardwood moment came with Spud Webb’s victory over teammate Dominique Wilkins in the ‘86 Slam Dunk Championship, despite raising only 5.7 feet of the basketball court. Spud elevated in his City Wings against all genetic odds to inspire PONY’s famous advert: “WHY GET AIR WHEN YOU CAN FLY” and to shatter the stigma of “bigger is better”. Since then, the PONY City Wings collection has been a staple within the retro basketball era.

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